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MiniWallet is not our flagship product, on which we will earn money. The purpose of the wallet is to introduce you to our brand, to the quality of our products, to our philosophy and service.

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When this happens, just know that we have some truly incredible products for you and we’re working hard to create many others to improve your and other people’s lives

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A few words about us

We believe in a much more convenient future, a future where all your accessories are totally adaptable to your needs. With that in mind, we’ve just had our heads down and created a bag that will meet your needs like no other on the market.  Then we’ve introduced it to the world on Kickstarter

Meet Pleatpack

The Most Functional Tech Backpack Yet.


✅ 15'6 Laptop
✅ 360° Anti-theft Protection
✅ Thin Design 
✅ The Absolutely Unique Expandable System >> Big Capacity
(expand it from 6 up to 26.7 liters!)

or just learn more about our passion

The Pleatpack’s structural form is a leap forward in carry design
— Ivan Hong, Medium