There Is No Catch!

Yes, we’re going to lose between $8 - $13 depending on where you live to get this into your hands, and we’re OK with that for two reasons

Reason #1 – We are sure that when you get this, you will be incredibly satisfied, as its quality and functionality are very impressive at such a fair price

For that reason, we know that when you get your MiniWallet you’ll be so impressed that hopefully you’ll be a fan of our work for many years to come

Which will lead to the second reason we’re willing to lose money upfront to get this to you…

Reason #2 – When you implement the MiniWallet into your life, it’s going to make your daily adventures even easier and comfortable, it’ll show you that you don’t need bulky stuff to get your needs sorted out

When some brand makes cool stuff making my life better, I typically buy more from them in future

We’re holding out that you’ll be the same with us. MiniWallet will get you better experience of everyday journeys, and its condom case one day might make that day even greater!

When this happens, just know that we have some truly incredible products for you and we’re working hard to create many others to improve your and other people’s lives

Sound fair?

So, all you need to do is hit that button now and tell us where to ship your MiniWallet


Who we are?

Meet Pleatpack

The Most Functional Tech Backpack Yet.


✅ 15'6 Laptop
✅ 360° Anti-theft Protection
✅ Thin Design 
✅ The Absolutely Unique Expandable System >> Big Capacity
(expand it from 6 up to 26.7 liters!)

We believe in a much more convenient future, a future where all your accessories are totally adaptable to your needs. With that in mind, we’ve just had our heads down and created a bag that will meet your needs like no other on the market. 

Then we’ve introduced it to the world on Kickstarter, and it quickly became one of the most interesting projects of this summer. Our supporters were so impressed with this idea that we realized we could not pause and must continue to move forward to bring your other daily companions to a new level.

Today we offer you for free the minimalist tiny wallet with a little secret friend inside it. Take a look at our campaign and grab your Miniwallet before the free samples run out!

The Pleatpack’s structural form is a leap forward in carry design
— Ivan Hong, Medium